Family don't end with blood
I'm Maria, 18, from Argentina. I watch a lot of tv shows, but Supernatural has taken over my life. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are life ruiners. Jared and Gen are my OTP, they are perfect and your argument is invalid. This is a Supernatural appreciation blog.

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i can speak to you of memories and dust (x)

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[101/365] days of cas


[101/365] days of cas

A lot of times you see really good-looking guys on TV and you sort of assume that maybe there’s some sort of vacuity behind them.

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My life’s not worth any more than anyone else’s.

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Favorite outfits (2/6)

↳ 4X17: It's a terrible life


"It’s unforgivable, I stole and burnt your soul, is that what demons do, hey? They rule the worst in me, destroy everything.” - John Newman (Love Me Again)

Sam Winchester in 9.18 'Meta Fiction'

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Dean Winchester ( 9x16 )

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jensen ackles’ derp faces (◡‿◡

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